About Us

AF CONCEPT is a company with seven years in the Peruvian market, which offers personalized service in the development of corporate projects, applying the discipline of "Feng Shui" and offering added value to customers, both in form and arrangement of areas.
In AF CONCEPT seek the environment, buildings and people are in balance, it has no negative impact on ecology, construction, implementation and sustainability of the architectural projects of our clients.
We are also innovative in architecture and design of healthy buildings in different economic sectors and provinces Lima: Residential, Commercial, Retail, Corporate Offices, Warehouses and Distribution Centers, Industrial, Services, Gourmet, Finance, Health and Hotel.
Therefore, AF CONCEPT becomes a strategic partner for its customers, making profitable use of areas and reducing the risk of their upcoming projects.
. Our General Manager, Architect Annette Polar White, has over 11 years experience in the design, supervision and construction of commercial buildings, offices, retail for: Saga Falabella, Banco Falabella, Viajes Falabella, Corredores de Seguros Falabella, Tottus and various projects nationwide. We are currently working with Falabella, Royal Plaza, Open Square, Jockey Plaza, Mall Aventura Plaza, among other group; and we have a team of highly skilled architects and subcontractors, which allow us to meet deadlines required by customers.
AF CONCEPT offers the following services:
- Design and construction of architecture and engineering.
- Design and construction of buildings of medium and large scale.
- Design and implementation of housing, retail shops, sales modules and / or customer, restaurants and stores.
- Design and implementation of corporate offices and interior.
- Management and supervision of projects.